Composting in cities isn't easy for most urban dwellers and even in the greenest cities in the United States most individuals lack options when it comes to composting food waste. Due to an overall lack of infrastructure for managing organic waste most urban residents resort to throwing it in the trash.     
Compottery's vision is to develop decentralized solutions for urban households to reduce their food-scraps at home.      
Composting at home is not a novel idea, however it's not practiced in cities due to spatial constraints and lack of preparedness to take on such a task, among other reasons.  So the question wasn't only about how to create a urban-friendly composting product but also how to build the support that users would need to feel equipped and confident to start composting themselves.    
Compottery is a multi-pronged approach to resolve household food waste management.  The product, which is essentially a luxury high-rise for worms,  is compact, simple to use, mess-free, and carries direct incentive for the user to want to use it (growing produce effortlessly).  Additionally, Compottery offers beginner-level vermicomposting resources that educate with an urban perspective.   

Vermitips are weekly posts on Compottery's Instagram page
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